Monday, January 21, 2008

Fancy dance-y bobby pin holder!

This project took 20 mins, max. Take a toilet roll, some fancy paper ( I used an older calendar), some double sick tape a glue stick and a ribbon.
Put double stick tape on each long side of the paper and roll into the tp roll. Tuck in the ends of the paper into the roll and secure with the glue stick. Thread the ribbon through the tp roll and hang it up!

Hot glue gun hair preties.

My husband bought me a lovely bunch of silk flowers from Patina last year for my birthday. I am not the type to have a bunch of "perma" flowers collecting dust in an unused sitting room, so I decided to make some hair accessories over winter break.

I used thin copper wire to wrap he flowers around the bobby pins and then secured them with hot glue. The piece with the 3 flowers is simply hot glued to a hair clip. Super simple! These would make nice party favors, or simple gifts.