Sunday, May 18, 2008

Baby Legs!

I have seen these "baby legs" for sale on all the hip baby boutique sites, and I really liked the concept since you don't have to take pants on and off when diapering. Violet is also super tiny and all the baby pants, even the newborn size, are waaaaay to big for her.

Anyway, I knew I could make these myself, so I grabbed some of the pink baby yarn from the stash I bought at the Unique Thrift store and went wild! These were knit in the round, CO 22 stitches and voila!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Goth Dollhouse

This haunted dollhouse has been a work in progress for several years. Mike built it for me from a kit a few Christmases ago as a home for my Dame Darcy dolls (, then I painted it in the painted lady style of Victorians that I love so much.
I decopauged some rugs and wallpaper, then I repainted some thrift and dollar store furniture. From sculpey I made some witchy accesories like books and potion bottles and sparkle skulls.
This past christmas Mike made me the beautiful mermaid doll that will live in the bathroom.

Tiny booties for a NICU baby!

My favorite bootie patern (found here is super easy and cute.....however the pair I made in anticipation of my baby where waaaay to big on account of my litle one coming 6 weeks early. She weighed 4 pounds 14 oz and was super tiny.
Little Violet had to be in the "Special Care Nursery" for 11 days, but I was discharged after two so I spent the long hours in the hospital knitting these little booties by Violet's incubator.

The nurses loved them and thought I should sell them to Preemie parents, but if anything I would donate them not sell them, as being a parent in this situation is so stressful!

If you want a colorful account of Violet's delivery go to my husbands blog: