Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Easy 15 Min Gifts!

I was on the search for easy gifts for my co-workers, and I was coming up empty. Everything I found that was sufficently cute enough required way too much time or $$ for supplies. I really wanted to make something simple, but also something my co-workers would actually want or use. The day after Christmas, my Aunt took us to an antique mall in Illnois called Vollo (I think), and the first thing I saw when I walked in was a little scrabble tray that spelled out "Booth One". Perfect! How easy! Scrabble Name Plates!

There is not too much too this project, just thrift a scrabble game and hot glue the names into the trays.

Now onto the baby stuff.... My love affair with oil cloth is kindled by it's no-sew qualities. I needed a couple of bibs and something to cover the tray of my vintage wooden high chair, since Violet refuses to eat politely. This project was super easy and would be a great shower present.

1. Trace a bib you like onto the wrong side of your oil cloth.
2. Cut out. I wanted to use pinking shears, but I couldn't find them- cute either way.
3. Use adhesive velcro and attach to each side of the bib.

The High Chair Bib was done sorta free hand- I laid the oil cloth on the tray and traced it, then cut it out. I then attached the adhesive velcro to both the bib and the sides of the High Chair tray.

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