Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Ch'kn nuggets not purchased in scary asian packaging. Warning! Do not judge tastiness on the poor quality pictures, truly.

Ever since the Wedge stopped carrying our favorite brand of fake chicken nuggets (I have no idea what they were called, since the package was not at all in English), I have tried to replicate a passable alternative at home. Disclaimer: I am not a good cook. I am a worse baker, but that's beside the point. My cooking style is called "Denial and Error". Deny that something is out of my league, make several serious errors in the process, but deny their eventual impact on the dish. End result: vaguely dissatisfying dishes that are occasional very tasty.
Anyway, I have tried several shake and bake style nuggets with both tofu and seitan- all turning out very bland and not at all crispy and delightful. Massive condiment dipping had to be used to cover up the "ehhh" factor. So, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon the secret- right there on the box of corn meal! I followed the recipe with slight tweaking, and used some marinated chicken style seitan. Although the pictures don't show it (I am a worse photographer than a cook!) they turned out crispy, golden, and moist inside! Even the baby happily ate them up, giving only the broccoli to the dog!
Here is the recipe:
West Soy Chicken Style Seitan marinated for 30 mins in lemon juice, poultry seasonings, soy sauce, and salt and pepper.
Preheat oven to 400
1/2 cup corn meal
1/4 cup flour (I used whole wheat)
2 tbl Parmesan cheese (use the vegan kind to make it, uh, vegan)
dash of garlic salt

Mix these dry ingredients together really well, then take your marinated setain but don't drain it! Take each piece and drip off the excess water, then place on a plate and spoon the dry mix over it on each side. Place breaded pieces on a broiler pan (the vented thingie). To make them really golden lovely, brush melted margarine on the tops. If you don't do this they still taste good, but turn out kind of pale. Bake for 25 mins. I served mine with steamed broccoli and sesame seeds and a honey mustard dipping sauce.


Anonymous said...

nice entry! i forwarded to a veggie-head friend. see you way too soon!--k.

SumrSews said...

i use to LOVE those vegan chicken nuggets from the wedge! have you ever tried the Quorn veggie chicken nuggets...they are great. they also have patties and naked cutlets (that are best when doused with olive oil). but i may just have to try this version.